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Looking Forward To In 2019!

Looking forward to in 2019!

How was the previous year:

  • We increased our operations and headcount with about 70% by new customers agreements and contracts
  • Got new offices in both Helsinki and Bucharest
  • Identified and prototyped first own platform and solutions development
  • Increased our business development and recruitment force
  • Luckily got working with us some former collaborators and new great professionals

Our goals for 2019:

  • Continue to value and grow our long term partnership with current customers, acquire new ones and build trust
  • Try to even better understand our customers’ needs and go extra mile to continue accelerating their digital transformation, innovating and achieving excellence
  • Continue treating our current employees and collaborators as our friends and partners, motivate and making them feel valued and happy. Find new talent
  • Improve our Business Operations
  • Develop our current PoC’s initiatives into viable marketable solutions
  • Continue to be passionate and follow our dreams!IsoSkills Team

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