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Agile Transformation Done Right

Agile Transformation Done Right

Why Agile transformation

  • Proven method that can deliver the best results in industry
  • Become best in class
  • Lean ramp-up of the teams
  • Deliver top quality
  • Fast time to market
  • High retention rates through people motivation and engagement
  • Create a critical mass of Agile driven people

What you get

  • Self-sustainable teams that perform in the most efficient way
  • Top quality
  • Predictability and transparency
  • Highest output
  • Highly motivated teams
  • Happy customers
  • Happy management

Success Factors

  • Management should be involved from the very beginning
  • Agile coach should live the Agile values and inspire teams by example
  • The process should be adapted to the given context
  • X-functional teams
  • Full transparency toward all stake holders
  • One technique is not enough, combine Scrum, Lean, Best Engineering Practices and Kanban
  • Well defined relationship between functional and people management

Agile Transformation Done Right




  • Agile Coaching / SCRUM Master
  • CI / CD DevOps
  • Architecture / Clean coding
  • XP / TDD
  • Agile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Lean

IsoSkills is approaching Agile Transformation as a service in a stepped approach starting with a small foundation phase where the need for agility is evaluated and a transformation plan is proposed.

Main activities done during initial discovery phase:

  • Organizational overview, Role identification
  • Interviews, Observing team activities, Attending team ceremonies
  • Assessing work space
  • Mapping main processes, Process design drafts
  • Identify current tooling
  • Initial Trainings and Coaching
  • Maturity level report
  • Transformation scope definition and Implementation Plan creation (selected teams/products)

Once the Customer is happy with the Transformation plan, we initiate the implementation.

During transformation and coaching phase the main activities are:

  • Observe and Facilitate Teams activities
  • Organization and Role adjustment
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Assess workspace and improve
  • Tooling improvement, Processes improvement
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Measure, Adapt, Improve

Once a certain level of maturity is implemented, if needed, we continue to sustain, monitor, adapt and improve on organizational needs based on best practices.

Contact us to find our more about our Agile transformation strategy, experience and service offering.


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