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Committed To Excellence

IsoSkills is the go-to company for organizations seeking professional IT software development, testing, and management services.

We are helping various companies implement and scale their projects with our specialists, or develop their visions into viable software solutions and services.

Growing our services in the Nordics, IsoSkills has built the reputation of leveraging new technologies and methodologies, while engaging talent for our clients efficiently and effectively.

We deliver excellence from our main office in Finland and our development center in Romania, being a trusted partner for dozens of global and local organizations.

Our IT Services

Software Services

Development & Architecture
Quality Assurance & Testing
Test Automation & Performance
Project & Service Management
DevOps Engineering and Support

Transformation & Innovation

Agile Transformation and Coaching
Business & Process Analysis
Test Maturity Evaluation
RPA and Process Improvement
Cloud Technology
Artificial Intelligence

Solutions Development

Own Solutions Development in Sourcing Area
5G Telco Development
On Demand Solutions
Service Design and Development

About Us

  • Always Customer and User Oriented
  • Senior Specialists and Technology Experts
  • Fast Delivery with High Quality
  • Competitive Market Prices
  • Value Added Services
  • Flexible Cooperation Models
  • Both Onsite and Remote Deliveries
  • Highly Satisfied Customers
  • Quick Evaluation of Customer’s Needs









  • IT Enterprise (ERP, CRM, SAP, Salesforce)
  • Banking and Finance
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Online Media
  • Sports and Gaming
  • Automotive and Embedded
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Satellite and Aviation


Microsoft (.NET / C#)
Backend (Java, C++, Node.js, PHP)
Mobile (Android / Kotlin, iOS / Swift)
Front End (React, Angular)
Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Data Warehouse and Analytics

Collaboration Model

  • On demand specialists
    On demand specialists (onsite/remote/hybrid).
  • Project based delivery
    Project based competences and deliveries.
  • Managed services
    Managed services on agreement basis.
  • Full solution delivery
    Solution design, implementation and delivery based on the customer requirements.

      How we deliver:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Prepare schedules and plans
  3. Resource allocation and induction
  4. Set the collaboration and productivity tools
  5. Initiate delivery
  6. Continuous alignment

Join IsoSkills

Are you an IT specialist open to challenges?
Are you a talent looking for more at your next job?

With us, you can choose your role, technology and workplace.
We support your talent and your growth by continuously interacting with you.
We encourage flexibility and innovation.
Send us an open application by email at or click on the button below to view the current jobs and apply for a certain role.
You can make an impact!

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Are you a company looking for top performing IT consultants?
Do you need help to design, plan, develop or test a specific solution?
Do you want to automate your testing?
Do you need a professional project manager?

Our specialists are ready to help.
​We can provide quotation for any development and test service.

Please call us, email, or provide relevant information request in the field below and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact and meet us!

Helsinki, Finland
Jaana Vaananen, Business Development and Sourcing Director, IsoSkills Oy
Mobile: +358505253693

Bucharest, Romania
Vasile Marcovici, Managing Director, IsoSkills Romania
Mobile: +40 72 0058 245

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